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Lending Services

Three Quick & Simple Steps


The process begins with your providing a standard credit application to determine whether you qualify as an accredited investor. If you qualify for a line of credit, then we will work to find a repayment schedule that meets your needs going forward, whether it is a deferred, interest only, principal reduction, or flat payment schedule. The objective is to craft a comprehensive solution that leverages your wealth to serve your goals for growing and protecting your financial legacy. 


Once the information we obtain in the discovery phase has established you are an accredited investor and eligible for a Lendacy line of credit, we will make recommendations on repositioning your assets and liabilities with a custodian who specializes in working with people like you who are leveraging their wealth. 


Once your custodian has your funds, they will complete the transaction with our partnering investment manager and you will have access to y our line of credit through a wire transfer to your bank, escrow account, or to you personally, however you direct.