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Lending Services

Leverage Your Wealth & Your Legacy

Wise investors have long known that the secret to creating a financial legacy is to leverage their wealth when opportunity presents itself.

That opportunity might be the acquisition of real estate, the refinance of a property, the rescue of an underwater property, the purchase of an IPO, or an angel investment.

But too often, accessing or borrowing the funds needed to take advantage of opportunities is fraught with difficulties: liquidating working assets, high interest rates on loans, lost opportunities because of a bank’s indecision, huge penalties for early IRA withdrawals, and onerous tax consequences. The list goes on.

     LENDACY offers customized lending solutions that provide access to                capital with flexible lines of credit to meet your financial needs.

Now, you can access capital you could not get to before, borrowing at a rate well below prime while having investments that often earn more than you pay in interest. You keep 100% of your capital working, generating dividends and interest with the opportunity for continued appreciation.

Because your loan is customized, your payment options are flexible, determined by your particular needs and can include deferred, interest only, flat, or principal reduction payment schedules. It is possible because of our relationships with the investment managers with whom we partner.

Intelligence, imagination, and hard work created your wealth. Partnering with Lendacy to leverage it can help protect and grow your legacy.