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Lending Services

Leverage Your Wealth and Protect Your Legacy

Wise investors know the secret to creating a financial legacy is to leverage wealth when opportunity presents itself. But accessing or borrowing funds can be fraught with difficulties. Lendacy can help with customized lending solutions that provide access to funds with flexible lines of credit that meet your investment requirements.


Lending Services

Enjoy the Perks of Being an Accredited Investor

If you are what the SEC defines as an Accredited Investor, you may be able to participate in a variety of opportunities only available to those who have achieved this special financial status. Your Lendacy consultant can help determine if you qualify and show you how you can best leverage your wealth given your current financial needs.


Lending Services

Take the Three Quick and Simple Steps to Funding

The first step to leveraging your wealth is to determine whether you are an accredited investor who qualifies for a Lendacy line of credit. Next, is repositioning your assets and liabilities with a custodian who specializes in working with people like you. Finally, determine your repayment schedule and how your line of credit is funded.