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Lendacy Opens Office in Puerto Rico

Establishes Lending Hub for Spanish-Speaking Latin America

Posted: Monday, February 6, 2017 1:00 pm

Sarasota, FL – (February 6, 2017) Lendacy, a financial services company based in Sarasota, Florida, opened a second office in San Juan, Puerto Rico to provide custom lending solutions for government agencies and private equity businesses throughout Latin America. The office is located at 53 Calle Las Palmeras, Suite 903, San Juan, PR 00901.

“Throughout 2016 we traveled back-and-forth between Sarasota and San Juan to pursue opportunities with local business owners and government officials,” says Kelly Locke, president of Lendacy. “Now that we’re doing a substantial amount of business in Puerto Rico, it made sense for Lendacy to open a second office.”

Several government agencies are working with Lendacy to develop sustainable financing solutions, and the company has committed to hiring a number of local employees to staff the new office.

Their first hire is Carla Méndez. As an Executive Assistant, Carla’s experience in human resources and business administration will be a valuable asset to the new office. And as a bi-lingual staff member, Méndez will enhance the company’s ability to communicate with Spanish speaking clients and vendors.


Lendacy provides customized financing solutions for government agencies, private equity business partners, and accredited investors so they can access funds with flexible lines of credit at below prime rates. Clients are able to meet their investment requirements and take advantage of investment opportunities, all while leaving 100% of their capital working and generating dividends and interest for them with the opportunity for continued appreciation. For more information, call (941) 363-6686 or visit