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Success Story

Helping Put a Child On Firm Financial Footing

It had always been George’s plan to help his daughter’s family begin their life’s journey on solid financial footing. To that end, he had been helping them with both their mortgage, an FHA loan with an above average interest rate, and their mortgage insurance. But George was beginning to find the obligation increasingly burdensome.


Success Story

A Line of Credit Leads to an Extra Credit Career

As a senior executive with 30-years experience and an annual income of over $300,000, Mike S. thought himself immune to the problems associated with his company’s plan to downsize.


Success Story

A Financial Advisor Helps a Newly Divorced Mother Recover Financially

After twenty-two years of marriage, the ramifications of her divorce came as a shock to Mary M. and she left the courtroom with more questions than answers, particularly regarding her financial future.