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Case Study

Preserving a Family Legacy

Like many baby boomers, Tom M. was faced with overseeing the care of an adored aging parent whose deteriorating health required dramatic changes in care and housing. The stress was overwhelming as Tom was seemingly faced with choices that would wipe out the legacy his parents had worked so hard to build for him, his wife, and children. Even more disheartening, he soon realized that even if he were to liquidate all of his mother’s assets there was no guarantee they would provide the level of care that he, and she, wanted her to enjoy in her old age.

A friend familiar with Lendacy recommended us to Tom. Lendacy’s financial team was able to arrange a customized investor relationship line of credit within a few weeks with an interest rate well below prime with a flexible, interest-only payment option.

Tom was then able to acquire, free and clear, a home for his mother in a country club like independent living facility she loved while leaving a 100% of her investment assets intact. Tom used the dividends and interest she earned to pay for her care.

His Lendacy line of credit enabled Tom to preserve his peace of mind as well as his mother’s legacy.